Terracide Chapter 1: free preview!

This is the current draft of the Introduction and Chapter 1 of Terracide for Savage Worlds. Not all of the artwork has been added yet, and it’s in need of one more editing/proofreading go-round, but this is substantially what it’ll look like. It’s also a good overview of the setting as a whole. I hope you’ll find it interesting.

Terracide Chapter 1 Free Preview


4 thoughts on “Terracide Chapter 1: free preview!

  1. I haven’t had time to read the entirety of your preview materials but I have to ask if you contacted Jordan Weisman or Catalyst games before using the quotation from the Rasalhague Memoirs? That is a quote from a work of fiction that was used as fluff for the Battletech game system, it’s not a quote from a living being.


  2. Actually, I’m not familiar with the Battletech milieu. Was there a fictional piece using the title “Rasalhauge Memoirs” in the background from that game? I’d appreciate it if you could provide a reference — which book(s) did this appear in?

    If this is the case, I can change the title easily enough. As far as the actual quote is concerned, I wrote that myself.

    Thank you.


  3. Upon further research (doing some checking on Rasalhague in the Battletech milieu) it’s become obvious this is a non-issue.

    The Terracide universe is obviously completely different from the Battletech universe, so much that Rasalhague doesn’t even refer to the same place in them. Battletech’s “planetary data” (and I use the term loosely) for Rasalhague lists its primary star type as K4 V — a smallish orange main sequence star.

    The REAL Rasalhague, aka Alpha Ophiuchi, referred to in Terracide, is type A5 III, a blue giant star, incapable of supporting a habitable star system. (Such as the one portrayed in Battletech.)

    In short, Terracide is hard SF, Battletech is far future mecha porn. And the “Rasalhague Memoirs” in Terracide are in no way, shape, or form referring to the Rasalhague system from the Battletech milieu, nor is anything else in Terracide derived from Battletech.

    The fact that both of them have a star system called Rasalhague is simply due to the fact that a long time ago, a Battletech writer plucked it off a list of star names without doing any research whatsoever, then proceeded to make up a story about a completely fictional version of Rasalhague. On the other hand, I did some actual research, and wrote about the real one.

    And if you’d done any research, you’d have known that before casually dropping wrongful insinuations of plagiarism.


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